RS5T Install on Z71

Well I finally got everything I needed to start my install, except my manual valve which is on the way from HB. Me and my buddy started on them today. Hopefully another couple of days and we will have it whooped.





… Completed install pics soon to come …

Cool, I’m looking forward to seeing more & hearing them.

Spare tire location?

Very nice! Nice looking Leslie as well. Cant wait to hear it.

Thanks… Yeah, going in spare tire area all facing forward. Can’t wait to get it all done. Keep some coments comin’. Preesh

How many gallon is that tank? That is the one i want to get for my setup. I have two five gallon tanks right now but I would like another five or so. I have a K3HL mounted under my toolbox. I also have a K5HL that I mount on top of my toolbox occasionally. Hopefully you can take pictures of your progress on the install. I am also curious to see how you mount the leslie. :wink: That is gonna be one LOUD setup:D:D:D

12 gallon

We took a piece of scrap steel and drilled the holes perfect to make a mounting plate out of.

O yea… Pics will definately be taken of the rest of my install.

Duhh it was right on top of the picture:o:o

Ha… Thats why I quoted it for ya

Here’s my valve. It should be here tomorrow or the next day.
It was a great deal!!

Sweet!! Bet the local law inforcers will soon be looking out for that “ghost train” around town

ah hahhaaha…oh my oh my surprise surprise… welcome to the forums big killa… ^^^ The mastermind behind the install ya’ll.

Man. Nice Truck, NICE NICE HORN. OMG. PLease post videos when you get done. Thats a beastily set up.

I promise to take pics and vids once its complete. My manual valve and 175 pop-off valve should be here tomorrow and thats all we are waiting on to finish. Thanks for the compliments wildhorn.

No Prb man. Did you paint them or is that the out-of-the box look?

Hey dude, great pics & looking forward as with everyone else to hear these puppies bark! Great work!!:smiley:

Preciate it stinky… I am hoping to work on them a little more today but my truck is at the stealership getting the cluster replaced because my speedo went out. Should be ready by 4 but who knows. Thankfully they are covering it tho because my truck only has 40k miles. My valve came in yesterday so I have absolutely everthing I need now. Just waiting on the douche bags at Chevy place. Def. will be done by this weekend… I cant wait.


Rode around town for a lil bit and man ole man these bad boys are super super loud…

stay tuned…

Cool! So do you have enough air for them?

As promised…