S4 Horns Install on '95 Escort?

First of all, yes I am aware my car is a piece, but that’s what makes the loud horn all the more unexpected. I’m looking for places to install a S4 horn system and space seems to be very tight.

I currently have 2 horn set ups from siege-engineering but one valve sh1t the bed and the other horn is not working like it used to (did siege go out of business?). They are the hammer 3 and hammer 2 and I have them mounted behind my grill on the escort. I’d love to be able to mount the S4’s there but they are TOO long and would practically be scraping the ground. I already have a viar 380c 200 psi with a 5 gallon tank and it’s all set up so I really just need to fit the s4’s somewhere (i’ll be removing the other ones and using this air setup for the S4).

PS. I have not purchased the S4’s yet because i’m afraid I wont be able to fit them anywhere. Tomorrow I’ll try to take some pictures of the space I have.

-siege horns broken
-need to find space for the S4 setup to fit (horns only)
-any ideas on where to install them?

also, not sure if this matters, but the air tank and compressor are installed in the trunk

theres another guy on here that did an instal on an escort heres the thread with some pics


and welcome to the forums!

damn, not sure how i missed that one in my search…
thanks anyways. i’ll get under my car tomorrow and try to find exactly where he mounted those

it does look like one or two of them are pretty close to the exhaust though… the dot tubing isn’t supposed to be installed within a foot of the exhaust because it can melt, am I right or is that just overcautious?

or is that why he had some different type of tubing?

thats the great thing about those horns
you can mount them anywhere

but anywhere may not be too optimal… i mean in the thread referenced about, 3 out of 4 of the horn’s flares are practically right up against something… i know the horns are loud anyways but that’s gotta effect the sound output quite noticeably


yeah try to keep it away from hot stuff =)

what kind of tubing was that guy using?

as long as you have 2-3 inches infront of them they will be fine… there are a few that have them mounted behind their bumper and still are loud as hell

probably can’t be too picky as to where they mount, i doubt i’ll have more than 1 option without it being too labor intensive. i’m not a welder or anything, but I do know how to use a zip tie;)

as long as they’re louder than the hammer 3 + 2 together I’ll be happy, and so far it sounds like they are a lot louder than siege engineering’s products

the s4 will be roughly 15745362 times louder
they are an awsome set of horns
good luck 2 ya

yea siege went out of business
i had the hammer4 and strategic separates 5 horn from siege.
i recently got the shocker 4 and damn… huge difference in sound, loudness, and deep tone
plus the service from HB surpasses and customer service i have ever had

sounds about right :smiley:

awesome… i thought my siege horns were damn loud so i can’t imagine what the S4 is going to be like… deeper tone is a plus too

OK so I got under there today after talking with Aaron (the other escort installer)

Looks like I could potentially put the horns in all the same places as he did

Right behind the rear bumper for the Long horn:

The space seems a little tight for the 5 inches of flare that the horn has so I may have to have it at a slight downward angle.

Behind the Rear Tire:

you can see the airline I currently have running to my broken hammer 2 in that one. You can also see where the next horn will be installed facing the rear tire bumper…

Near the Muffler Canister:

I feel pretty confident to order the shockers now; we just need some damn warmer weather:eek: (NH)

haha I hear ya. good luck with the install

D@mn glad u got in contact with him

thanks man… btw aaron was supposed to come on AIM last night but never happened… if you could ask him to pop on real quick tonight that’d be legit:)

me too… went to order yesterday but the lady on the phone was all :confused: when I mentioned the forum discount… she took my number and is having the manager give me a ring but hasn’t since yesterday…

Haha, he may get on. I have no idea. He works a lot like I said, so his schedule is random and I only talk to him when he gets on. Do you have his aim?, if not its armyofone1089… and he is using 1/2" hose… more airflow to the horns, the stuff that the kits come with is fine tho, 1/2" is just for preference.