*******Seeing Stars*******

Have you ever met someone famous? Tell us about it…

I met Hulk Hogan at an airport once. and my old neighbors cousin is David Bell (Baseball Player)

met ghost hunter cast at a bar…and some eagles players at a bar…

a few nhl hockey players, fergie, kid rock, blink 182, sum 41, birdman, tommy lee, mike jones, juicy j from three 6 mafia, a lot more but most importantly matt heller from hornblasters hahaha he is famous right?

I met Sgt Slaughter when i was like 11 and my mom dated John O Hurley (Elaine’s boss from Seinfeld) in college.

Also I see Tim Tebow on a daily basis :smiley:

haha if we are talking about college athletes then Ive hang out with most of the UK basketball team.

I met Doug Williams (quarterback) in Hooters downtown Indianapolis, also Al Kaline at a car show where he was signing baseballs (I should have put it in a vacuum because the signature has faded and you can’t read it any more), Jim Dunn at Irwindale raceway when they were part of the big drag racing scene and he was still an LA county fireman, and I’ve been to several parties at Sandy Ward’s house (he’s had some decent roles but mostly a bit part actor).

Sandy Ward is no longer living, correct?

i met al pacino at miami beach when the scarface dvd premium edition came out

met vanilla ice and his old cady at a car show more than once, kickass guy

MET Don garlits # sunshine speedway back when he debued his first rear engine dragster it ran a 7.04 in the qtr mile.met rosan rosan a danna in the oak harbor tavern in wash state actually got a pic of her on my 84 wideglide,she was shooting a film in the coupeville area a the time.met john yurkovick football player for the jaguars.still have autographed photo and autographed football.:smiley:

I was a fan of Gilda Radner growing up. God rest her soul and comfort her husband Gene Wilder who I’m sure still mourns her.

was don garlits running at sunshine? because sunshine is definitely a 1/8th mile track…

curt,sunshine was once a 1/4 track some yrs ago

myself and ron capps

myself and don schumacher…this is probably my most prized photo. if you dont know who he is do a google search on the name or don schumacher racing

yeah, he passed away back in 2005. I wonder if his wife Roxy is still living but I doubt I’ll ever find that out.

If you’ve heard anything about drag racing, you have to know who Don Schumacher is. His son has dominated top fuel for past 6 or 7 years now. They’re my favorite team because they’re Mopar. I’m going to miss Gary Scelzi unless he continues his “Scelzi Says” during the races. Ron Capps was robbed of his championship 2 years ago when they started the new point system and Tim Wilkerson was robbed this year. I HATE THE NEW POINT SYSTEM.

i would be willing to bet tony schumacher wont dominate next year since they lost allen johnson as crew chief…he is a freakin genius. you’re a mopar man??? aww dan you just lost a few points in my book lol but yes the points system is rather gay it reminds me too much of nascar which i despise. cant wait till they go back to 1320 ft. racing instead of this 1000 ft. nonsense

I’m a Mopar man from the 60’s because my first car was a 68 charger which is a great car and Mopar dominated drag racing back then. Not so much of a fan now except the new Challenger.

Thanks slo hatch , curt I’m talking bout eons ago probably before your birth. garlits had recovered from his clutch accident which cut half his foot off ,so Don debeloped and debued the first rear engine dragster @ sunshine speedway which was 1/4 mile at the time. sorry:D I believe 1972 or 73.