Shameless promotion for VIAIR:

I’ve been working on training style videos for VIAIR. Next week, these two videos will be paired down to become about 5 different videos for resellers to put on their own websites to help drive sales.

While these are mostly for those who sell VIAIR products, it will give others ideas about the scope of uses for our products as well.

No worries, I’ll have another video up eventually showing more uses (aka horns).

Shhhhhhhhekkit out!

YouTube Channel:

Nice Video!

Psst… Matt… free video content for the HB site:

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lol video reminds me as if I were in school learning about something…lol some safety video or something…haha
still good tho

great video

Who do you think I am - Spielberg?

lol !!!

no spielberg but its good… only thing i caught was a little studdering on a few of the sentences

cccc…come on man… I’m nnnot a spokesperson… You think anyone else wanted that job? Not a chance.

I wrote for a living for 10 years, remember? I never had to say much to feature trucks… lol

I did all the filming, and wrote the copy for the voice over as well as did the voice over. VIAIR’s art director did the editing.

I’m sure that there will be more of them in time as well. I want to get into a shop and shoot an install, so we stop some of the installation errors.

After that, I’d like to do a series on rebuilding pumps… for the enthusiast on a budget who needs to make repairs.

rebuilding pumps, that would be cool not that hard to do and would be a good video to let people know it can be done

good video Lance just wanted to bring something up about the air systems recommended for tire inflation. I have the 20005 air source with the 2.0 gallon tank. Is this particular system not recommened for filling tires? And if not what could happen to it?

u could fill tires with any compressor and tank… u just let the compressor fill the tank, then u use the tank to fill the tires…
i fill my tires with my setup all the time…its great!

i still need to run a port to do that with

my tank has 8ports… but i just take the air gauge out and pop in the hose for my tires and bam!

mine has 4 drain, in , out and one with spliters for the p-switch, guage and saftery valve

You could do it, but you may overheat the pump if you ran it for too long. I recommend the Air Source Kits for horns and other pneumatic needs, but not tires usually since the customers that call for OBA kits for tires typically have big tires to fill. If you’re just looking to maintain pressure by adding 5-10 PSI, then sure man - it would work. You would have to plumb it creatively though since there’s only one outlet.

Why go to that trouble? Just install a T-fitting and add a quick connect coupler…

You can even regulate the outbound pressure if you like… which would also be good for turning the pressure down to your horns if you’re in an area that is extra sensitive to noise…

We also sell a specific kit to add a quick connect line to an existing system:

I dig this - and have one in my toolbox on my Tundra for filling tires. Works just as well in your home shop too.

Every piece noted above is available through Hornblasters too.

his air guage is in a quick disconnect =)

my air gauge is a quick disconnect… and i have the kit from sears that has all the air pressure heads i need…

Yeah bro my plumb setup is pretty unique ;). My tires are only 35 psi max doesnt take much to fill em up. Heres a pic of how I have everything plumbed not the greatest picture, but you can tell whats goin on. My quick connect for the tire hose sprouts off the side of a T fitting, and the saftey pop off sits on top.

hey lance , that tire fill kit with guage is a nice set-up .how much is that selling for? is it also available from h/b? :smiley: never mind I found & ordered it thanks!:smiley: