Slys K5LLA

Well, I could advertise unless I sent a few messages, here’s a couple pictures of my temporary setup until my bed is fully on, and no, its no mistake…my horn is called K5LLA features 1L,1,2,3,4 Bells

I love bagged s10s… and nice horn as well

Nice Truck!

Did you do your frame or have a shop do it?

nice! a K5LLA is one of my favorite horns

When I bought this truck, it had somewhat of a system already on it, but it was piss poor, and the whole truck was scrapped and not running, wouldnt start for nothing, missing a lot of poop, and its legal on the street now with almost 2 foot of lift…not the best ride in the world but for a daily it turns heads anyway…even 3 miles away.

It looks nice man

nice s10…ur missin ur passenger mirror tho and something hangin out the door…lol
what type of bag setup u have? i have bagged avalanche
btw welcome to the forum

How much do you want for your horns/valves…get at me…or

this was the truck after 3 weeks of owning it, had to put on a bed…yeah, there’s mirrors on there now…diamonds with spades in the flame work

pics or it didnt happen… lol

Scaredu bitches about everything, he didn’t noticed it’s not painted yet. What color you gonna squirt it? Looks good so far…

If u dont like my sense of humor, so fNin what…


My truck is hot rod black right now…still the passenger door hasnt been shaved.
I’m trying to make some more money on here, but my selling threads keep getting knocked because sponsors of the site tell me I’m a “business” because I was selling over 10 train horns that I own…I have a total of 47 train horns…48 being the one I purchased brand new from Nathan Airchime themselves…K5LLA that you seen. Reason one bell was black because thats the process I wanted to see if flat black would look good, photos soon…

Here’s one photo so far…

If i didnt know any better, dont you have the K5LA i tried to trade you on! slys1096…

Goodness, Ive been trying to get so much work done on this ride. She runs again, been making new design to run two Sanden 508 motor drivens on the 2.2L motor, but other then that, done work on the doors…yes, the passenger door is finished. having problems now figuring out new LED tail lights. (Yellow -Driver side, Green - Passenger side, Brown - Tail/Parking, White- Brake Light) LED bars have red, white,black coming out of them.

looks great man, keep it up

looks good i hope to pick up a ext cab proj. s10 for cheap soon