Smoke screens???

WTF??? I see in this topic that you can get smoke screens?? I have never heard of this before. Tell me more…

Yeah, I’d like to get more info on this too :slight_smile:

What about an oil slick feature?…

Thats my favorite feature of a turned up cummins

Ok So, The kit consists of the tubing, the fittings, a manifold, and a solenoid valve to control the flow, as well as your first can of smoke. It’s all electronically activated and very stealthy. So you drill and tap a very small hole in either your exhaust or headers, using the included hardware you hookup the manifold and the solenoid valve, and viola! you’re in business. A little fog goes a LONG way. With just a push of the button you can smoke out the person behind you. It’s pretty sick! For more details and images checkout

Hey Matt, can you control the amount of smoke, or does it dump an entire can with the push of a button? Do you have the install diagrams handy to look at to get a better feel of how it works?

Thanks in advance

It only dumps for the time you have the solenoid valve open (the time you push the button) I will get an instruction sheet online pronto!

Thanks, how long does each can last? How many bursts of smoke and what is the duration lenght of an entire can? I am sure this will be on the sheet, but I cant wait. I will be in jail for sure over this…lol…My in-laws live out in the country and we have tons of ATV riders flying up and down the roads and tailgating us all the time, I found a trick for them…lol…they will be in the ditch for sure…lol…

HAHAHA Mmmmm Tailgaters! what a wonderful idea! Videos please?


That’s cheating… isn’t that just a diesel with stacks?

I was looking @ the kit on HB.COM also but I have all the same questions about the duration of a can. Any info greatly appreciated.

Yes it is. ::smiley:

Can you hook it into your train horn air so when your horns blow the smoke comes out? Or will that mess somthing up?

you could hook it up to blow out right in front of the horn… It would probably spread out the smoke more, but have it less dense. Idk try it and find out haha

Slippery you have a diesel, just get a tune and a big exhaust.

I have Both! Edge Juice w/ Attitude and 4" straight pipe to a 6" tip. Sounds great. The 6.0s are known to streach the head bolts when you keep putting too much fuel to it I know! I’ve blown head gaskets twice…Had programmers double stacked, was really sweet when some douche bag no driving fool would pull up on the right side at a light or something with his window down.
Smoke city!..1
Douche bag…0

get a SCT tuned by Doug at, you will have more smoke than you could have ever thought of, Ask for Scotts tune.

Thanks, I will look into it. But I am still worried about the streching head bolts considering they have to unbolt the cab and lift it up to access the heads to replace the head gaskets!