Some HornBlasters Staff Photos

make looks big as hell .he get big all of a sudden lol?

look at bin laden lol

lol I was fortunate enough to play the curly haired hostage.

haha sweet pics! so this is what happens when the HB staff gets bored… aside from goat wrangling

i think i’ve seen a pic of matt like that somewhere… americas most wanted or something like that…


How come you fellas are always in shorts??? Do you ever get any cold weather there???

haha not very much

There’s usually this one week in Winter… but not so much

Cold to us is like 60s (15C?)

gotta love FLORIDA!!!

Ham it up some guys…lol

gotta love Florida weather! Before this I lived in Hawaii and Guam. no snow for me :smiley:

So Whoooo is whooo? I know Matty boy & Goaty, whose the others?

Matt, Rigo, yours truly, Justin, and Goatface Killah

Cool, cheers “yours truly”!!!

so Bin Laden has been hiding in the Hornblasters warehouse this entire time?

how tall is matt damn like 6.3 right

Now I know who I’m talking to besides Matt & Garrett, thanks

So how about a 2015 updated photo?:smiley: