no ones ever posted in here so i had to do it =)

post whore!

lmao so tru so tru

ur worst then i am! :slight_smile:

well look at you! postin after me!

u started it!

i didnt start it godfather!

so ur callin me a liar?

Yes sir!

you are very disrespectful to the godfather… ur day to learn some manners is coming

soon i shal take over your position as godfather!

yeah u will… i wonder how much longer til the next status

when does it change to godfather? thats freakin awesome

500 post next would be 1000 if there is one

yea I still have awhile to go…shoot i still need to get senior member. senior member just doesnt have the ring that godfather has lol

yea ill be the first to find out…or the admin could spoil it and just tell us…lol

where is the fun in that

i might as well gain one

Im still tagging slowly here to get the Senior title lol.

haha… ull get there eventually