Stinkys K5's install.................

Ok so now the weather here is starting to turn a bit nicer, I took the opportunity to have a little play around with mounting positions for the K5’s.

My favourite idea is Slightly crazy and mounting the whole lot on top of the rear bed cover and having it all on display, but having some kind of stainless steel chequer plate cover made that is removable, so if I wanted to show them off I could, but I think it would be huge and look a bit weird…:confused::confused:

I am hoping to go for a Manual & push button system which isn’t really hard to do, apart from where I can mount my Graham White valve inside the cab. The GW seems to be really stiff, so is going to need to be securely fastened somewhere!

Anyway here’s a couple of pics of one of the mounting options. I am just playing with ideas, however I shall most likely be mounting them face downwards and drilling the manifold to bolt them to the floor of my bed. This way, I will have plenty of room for my 8.5g tank to fit underneath? I am possibly going to lose the spare wheel, but that I can mount that on top of the Mountain top cover if I have to?

With them pointing downwards they should most certainly make the ground shake lol lol :eek:

I just need to source some security type bolts to fit the Bell’s to the manifold with, coz sure as hell some muppet will be along to remove the K5’s from me. (My neighbour had his catalytic converter cut off from under his car during the night the other night, apparently they are packed full of platinum? You can imagine his face when he got in it to drive off! He said he thought the car had exploded up as he turned the key!)

Anyway, here’s a few shots of the K5’s looking rather sexy underneath my Truck:D;):smiley: (and yes I know I have a little leaky from the diff oil seal.

I will update later as I am going to be playing again today:D

Naked K5 alert!
If you lived just a little closer I could get you some diamond plate. haha

Can’t wait for that first tunnel vid :slight_smile:

Me neither, I let out small particles of wee wee just thinking about Tunnels! Lol

No bladder control is a sign of old age…LOL

I am Drooling over those K5’s! :slight_smile: Now I am stuck in a decision right now… K5’s or K3’s? :wink:

Hahaha cheers for that Dan!:wink: you cheeky monkey!

Go the whole hog mate! K5’s, else once you’ve had the K3’s, you WILL WANT K5’s… Be warned they are bloody huge and quite heavy, so don’t be fitting them on your bike lol :wink:

Oh I will find a way to fit them on the bike trailer! :smiley: I can see it now, riding down the street and blasting this: while honking the K5’s and shouting ALL ABOARD! :smiley:

Ok, so on the eve before the first day of British summertime, I found myself scratching my testicles and deciding exactly how the K5 install was going to go…

I have a 9 gallon tank & little set of K5’s and two compressors to hide under the truck…here’s how it went.

My beautiful K5’s in all their glory!:smiley:

Me building up the 9gallon tank… What size is that outlet on the end of the four on the front? It’s bigger than 1/2", is it inch? :confused:

Firstly as mentioned above, I built up the tank, blanking the top outlet and one of the side outlets. I am going to have the 175psi pressure “blow off” valve on on end of the tank. I think I will blank off the 3/4" or 1" outlet & use a couple or 1/4" T pieces off the tank for the compressors in. The pressure switch will Go into one of the tees & the other T piece will feed off to a pressure gauge and a PCL airline connector. The last of the four front outlets will be the air out to the horns, with of course a draincock at the bottom.

Now it was time to do some measuring and drilling for the purposes of fitting the tank. It fitted into place like a glove!

Now with the tank fitted and bolted into place, it was time for the K5’s…
I had planned to have them facing backwards, but my conscience kept telling me they would be louder facing downwards, so I set about drilling the manifold, ready for them to be bolted to the underside of the pickup.

Now, the manifold was drilled I offered them up and marked the drill holes on the underside of the truck and then drilled through…

The K5s are now finally on!!! :smiley:

I must just point out at this stage, I AM GOING TO PAINT THE WHOLE UNDERSIDE OF THE TRUCK:D

Now where do I fit the compressors??? There is a cross member that I think will have a lot to do with their final position, but they will go something like this or mounted sideways?

A bit blurry, but you get the general idea :smiley:

That was enough for one day, it’s Mother’s Day tomoz, so I doubt I will get anything done, till either during the week or next weekend. The main thing is that the L200 is now TrainHorn Equipped! :smiley:

Good stuff so far Mr P
Making vids this weekend then ??

K5’s Rule !!!:smiley:

I’m not sure mate? I only have Saturday to get under the truck, and have so much left to do. I want two compressors which I can turn on and off independently, LED’s to illuminate when each compressor is running. I have just ordered (coming tomoz) a digital pressure Gauge.
I have to mount the compressors on a rail at the back underneath, I am connecting a Solenoid and a manual valve and hoping to plumb in a set of s
Shockers as well! I want to have a PCL airline connector… So in short, so much to dooooooooooooo & so little time, so no I doubt I will do any vids this weekend my friend. :frowning:

I can’t wait to rule with my K5’s!

Hey Stinky. I got some K5’s Coming now! :wink: i’m gonna take some notes here :smiley:

Well done you! “CONGRATULATIONS” my mad as a box of frogs friend:D

Ok so in between looking after Baby Daisy and taking the wife out for a spot of shop lifting, I managed to squeeze in a bit of Stinky time under the truck.

I managed to connect all the plumbing work up today and get it to the point of just sorting out the electrics.

I got the pressure sender for the AZ pressure gauge fitted, the 3/4" blank fitted, 2 x 400c compressors fitted (semi permanent), the pressure release valve fitted, the pressure switch fitted, solenoid bolted on & fitted, I got loads done!

I even ran a temp feed to the compressors and fired up the tank to check for leaks, all was good!

Next I thought I would just check the solenoid was opening as it should, so I ran the temp feed from the battery to it and I touched it the positive terminal of the battery…Christ in Heaven would have heard the noise! OMG!!! I was at the front of the truck and I felt the actual sound waves travel through the floor! I then smiled as I heard my next door neighbour laughing in his front room, thankfully he is used to me now lol lol lol

I am hoping to spray the underside tomoz with hammerite to tidy up all the rusty rails and sub frame etc etc

Did you buy then new?

No disappointments with your install, glad to see its coming together for you. I like how you are posting as you progress, hopefully folks who are browsing the forums and considering installing their own will take note…take your time, do it right. It will work out better in the long run. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to check out some video!