Stinkys new number plate........

I’ve finally gone and done it!!! How cool is this?:smiley:

I purchased this number plate for my truck, I got the confirmation email this morning. Just got to wait for the Transfer of registration paperwork & forms to arrive. Yea!!!:smiley:

Right on buddy! You guys have some neat looking plates.

Thanks mate!:slight_smile:

Chat? lol

I like it!

thats gona look
sweet on your
ride bro.

Very cool!

Yea! Got all the paperwork through the post now! Hoping to get it transferred today :slight_smile:

hope it all works
out for you.

Cheers mate! The plates are on he truck, I’ll get the pics up tomoz :slight_smile: it looks awesome!! :slight_smile:

sweet stinky sir
look fwd to seeing
it lol hay buy the way just got my
air tank today from
curtisL all i got to
do is mount eavery
thing in the bed and hook eavey thing up and “shocking
thunder” will be complete mines the
decals ill be geting sum time.:smiley:

oh and hay stinky
pete that one post
you did of honk honk honk you sead
about hiding your
S4s under your
truck lets just say
you will give the
defanisn of shocker lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

Picture time!!:smiley:

It looks awesome pete!

Now that’s a smooth tailgate…
Nice plate - it looks great!

:Dnow thats a Train:D vary nice

the truck & plate are perfect for each other!

Very nice plate, looks good.

i hate our license plates here in the states!!

Can you guys and gals not get personaised plates over there? We have the DVLA who assign the plates to the vehicles and so long as your not making the vehicle newer than it actually is, if there’s a plate there that you like or one very similar, you can buy it!
I’ve been watching this plate for ages and found it at a good price, so I could not refuse it! It just sets the truck off nicely!
Its also an anagram of HONK! Ha ha ha ha love it!!!

we can get personal ones. they’re just ugly; too much other junk on them. i like how UK’s is just plain solid color.