Stinkys Smart car project..........

I have been wanting to do this for a loooooooonnnnnggggg time. I picked up a little old Smart car the other weekend & its going to get Horned! I cant wait to get started on it, the weather here is starting to warm up, so watch this space.
Plans are for a trusty set of Shockers, possibly fed by a 228vx setup due to being compact & I need to get the baby pram in the back!
Horns will be located easily behind the front panels of the car.:smiley:

I’m starting her young. My daughter Daisy checking quality control lol:D

Tuned in!

Haha love it!!! I died when Rigo showed me the pic of your daughter! Too flippin cute.

She’s a cutie and there’s a slight resemblance to you.

Thanks Dan? Are you trying to say I’m cute too? :eek: lol

She’s such a good little girl too, sleeps through the night from 8.30pm-8.30am:D

I’m gonna have to fit out her pram with some Horns looooool :smiley:

Oooh yeah… thats gonna last for sure :rolleyes:


So this morning I decided to have a dummy run to see just how hard it was going to be to fit Horns to the Smart.

I could not believe just how easy it was to strip off the front of the car.
There are 5 screws down each side door pillar, inside of door, 1 x screw either side behind a triangle panel (Aerial), 2 x screws behind the grill, then the whole front pops off, after simply disconnecting the indicators & fog lamps.

Nice. That’s going to be awesome in that little car.

are you going to do some scare videos with that? :smiley:

Sniff Sniff

Its a little stinky … :wink:

Yes Matey, I cannot wait!! Hoping to get them on this weekend :smiley:

Looooooooool My daughter certainly is a Little Stinky sometimes!:wink:

So is my granddaughter. I’m amazed how stenchful she can be sometimes.:eek:
I can understand it from an old rotting out fart like me, but not an 8 year old girl.

impressive dude!

Cheers Twisty! Where you been man? I aint seen you about for a while?:smiley:

So the wife’s stock “Meep Meep” horn on her smart started playing up, so I had to undo the 14 screws holding the front end on to get at the Horn.
Once sorted I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to try the shockers out for size and see if I would be able to get them behind the front crash bar.
So, with the aid of my trusty angle grinder I carefully hacked off a section of the lower plastic radiator frame and a section out of the plastic front cover under the car.
Next I had to take the angle grinder to the Shockers and take off one corner of the plastic mounting bracket on the Horn. I will probably be using cable ties (zip ties) to fix the Horns.
I think the longest one s going to be sticking down by 75mm, if it looks really stupid when I put it all on, I will simply swap out the longest Shocker for the next size down and sacrifice some of the deep tone:D… We will see!

So this weekend coming I hopefully will be completing the install with a 228vx tank and compressor in the boot:D

Here’s a few pics…:smiley:

Looks good!:cool: Just enough room

Excellent! The horn(s) will be more powerful than the engine!

LOL - … come to think of it, you better put a wing on the front Stinky to stop getting negative lift when you release the horns.

Ok so it’s been a while, but the project has taken a step closer to being finished.

My Mitsi L200 decided to snap a balance belt & then in turn get caught up in the cam belt, throwing the timing out slightly & snapping the inlet rockers:mad:

So while I am waiting for it to get fixed, I got the Smart car off the drive, got it MOT’d & put some road tax on it and I am now flying about in that for the time being, which is really quite fun! Can’t obviously get all my tools in the car for work, but I can get enough in to get me by.

Anyway so I have am going to drop the Shockers off the truck (they are sqwarking a little) then clean them up and try some fine tuning to bring them back on track, then put them on the Smart car:D

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a few more pics of the tank being built and put into position etc etc etc