No one from Texas?? how abt dfw?? any other k5 guys around here??

ya im from down south… near corpus… hornblasters tx is n this big state too…im the crazy mofo that put a horn on a bike:D nice to meet u i assume ur horn is on the z71

sweet donkey man! and yea my k5s are on my z71. i guess im the only guy around the dfw with k5s. hmm what u have on the bike?

Well check it out i have 2 threads floating around here with pictures on em

it got pictures they arent k5la not even k3la cuase space restriction.
but still louder then any 18wheeler/bike/car. i still get ppl to jump to say the most part

im just north west of houston

Texas roll call and area!!!

werd. say where u are from and what kind of horn(s) u have.
ill start

ft worth tx:


Houston TEXAS
NW side. by JV and Cypress
im planning on getting SHOCKER XL 248s 200psi and possibly getting the larger valve for larger hoses.
that sounds right , correct?

There are a few guys down in south texas but us north texas guys are few and far between. hurry up and get ur horns!!:smiley:

end of the month.
i get three pay checks this month. haha first one is gone to my truck note
=\ but ive got two more comin haha.

ah truck notes are over rated. get horns first haha. post pictures when u get them installed!

that i will.
im thinkin maybe point two to front two to back. left and right of rear frame.

put them in the front grille if you get shockers

i hardly have room for that .

if there going in the super duty you do. but try to put them somewhere facing the ground IMO

reppin dallas tx

shocker xl
phsycoblasters 3 horn
480c wit 2 gallon

Dallas, 480c, 5 gal, but no horns yet… FUCK I need a set of horns bad… Anyone local have a set for sale?

im sure hornblasters would be happy to ship you out a set… hit them up!

Just north of Houston here. Just got a set of K3HA horns. But nothing else for the time being. Have to wait a couple of months for money. But can’t wait from what I have heard on the site.

i have a set of k3ha and i just love them bro they are very veryyy loud and will scare the crap of everyone around you and 1 mile away too lol