The PA is so worth the money

I was driving through my neighborhood and there is a house on the corner and as I was driving by and saw two “gangster” guys by their car and grabbed my PA mic to have a little fun.
One guy was leaned over in the car cleaning it or something and I yell in a deep voice STOP, PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM and they freaked out.
One guy threw his hands in the air and looked around, when he saw there were no smokeys he put his hands down then the other dude started running after me.
I put my jeep in 2nd and punched it and as i drove away I laid on the horn.

Lets hear your PA stories.

bahaha i just installed my PA today

I scared a bunch of kids in a park late at nite. This was a long time ago when I had a CB radio w/ pa. All they could see was the head lights and whip antenna. I said something like “freeze, this is the police”. They scattered in every direction as fast as they could.

where can i get one no to expensive and loud???


oh and uh…my boys would get on my PA all the time :

once…“base. this is unit 300, we have a green dodge neon with tag # ****** , please call in for back up…”

they all kept looking around and when the light turned green they booked

This is better than the horn scare stories…lol

HornBlasters now carries its own PA as well!!! :wink:

haha i love my PA/sirens… i was racing someone before and i let him get in front of my, just so i could hit the sirens, he pulled over soo honkin fast! then i just sped right by him laughing my donkey off

lol. thats awesome scaredu

dont forget about the orginal PA …JESUS LOVES HORNBLASTERS…

I like acting like I am going to race someone and then pull them over, it is really nice for comedy at long lights and when people piss you off.

the norm for me is whop whooop, Get off the phone and drive.

Oh, I’d love to do that here! I’ll have to think about getting a PA myself. I’m just afraid the only thing that would accomplish is to get flipped off.

then you lay on the train horn

i was driving around today and i was all hyper becouse i just drank a huge rockstar energy drink and i was whistling at everybody over the pa
i was in the walmart parking lot and did it and this girl whistled back and came over to talk to me and i got her number haha
she wasent bad looking either

another satisfied customer…lol

do you have horns and did you honk those for her too?

no i wish i had horns on
i had the s4 kit but i just sold them to upgrade to a k3la
that will be coming in the next couple of monthes when i can save up the extra cash lol
im so broke

ha. ive had a PA on my truck for about 2 years. its pretty fun. i havent used it in a long time though.

aren’t we all!

for real
but im savin every penny i can
hopefully i can find a good deal on a good set of k3la