too many compressors

read my sig and that tells you what comps im looking to get… is 3 going to be too much for my charging system? because im going to spend 415 on the 3 compressors(already talked to garrett about it) but i didnt think about my charging system til now, and i cant seem to find one compresse that can handle a 12 gallon tank buy its self for 415 or less, garrett said i could prob. get away with using just the dual 380c compressors but there really only sapose to do 5 gal a piece an i guess 12 for 2 would void the warrent or somthing like that… help! what can i do? i sure as hell aint got the money for a belt driven comp or an oasis comp.

I’m facing the same dileama… But I see others have big tanks with dual 480’s. Maybe I shoulda ordered the 8.5 gallon tank.
O well… wonder if my stock battery and stock altenator on my 05’ z71 would handle 3 480’s???

just get a compacitor

a what? i dont know what it is. or what it does… how much will it cost?

Its called a capacitor… to me i think they really dont do much, but again to each his own. i just sold a 1 farad cap for $20 lol…when they are worth like $70 and up…depends on how many farads u want.

ok. but what does it do?.. and how does it work?

btw really really nice quote u caught lol

Get yourself an extra battery just for the compressors and connect it to your vehicle battery, after all a battery is very close to a capacitor but with a lot of reserve charge built in. Your alternator will charge both of them over time but how long that takes depends on the alternator.

^ tru, also make sure ur alt can handle it… if u go the battery route look for batts like kinetik or stinger

Two 380Cs = 32 amps peak
One 480C = 20 amps peak

As long as you can handle 52 amps total peak, you will be fine.
My tundra handles 60 amps total peak draw, and its just fine. -Has been for a few years now.

There are other brands like those, Trojan, Lifeline, and most of all Odyssey

i dont know what all mine can handle… i might just go with two 380c’s… i really dont think that extra gallon per compressor is gonna hurt them.

The overall current draw will be the same regardless of how many compressors you use. You have to think about fill rate and run time. 3 compressors won’t run as long as 2 etc…

now im confused as hell…

Maroon… I’ve found alot of confusion here too. I’ve got the 12 gallon tank and I’m going to get the dual 480c pack. I think the extra gallon per compressor will be fine. If not… Fck it… I’ll buy some new ones. But I would recommend the 480’s instead of the 380’s. Also check out this calculator for refill rates…

dont use a really doesnt do much…instead buy another battery and use an isolator…then run ur compressors from the second battery…that way if they draw in too much power the main battery wont be affected

lmao…were talking 52 amps MAX draw…which is just like running a good 800-1000w sub amp, if not less. Almost all stock electricals can handle that, unless you’re driving an old crx or geo metro which has a 60a alternator. You don’t need a capacitor, talk about useless on a constant running compressor…lmao. Might be a bit much if they’re running with the car off, but on the alt should keep up with little problem. Try it out, if your voltage goes down a little more then your comfortable with, just upgrade your battery to a better one, yellow top, or decent sealed one. and make sure you have large enough power/ground wire going to the compressors. 8ga at least. :slight_smile:

sweedish… thanks now time to wear out some compressors… I wonder what the cheapest price HB will give me for the dual 480 kit???


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