Train Horn Kit Checking List

Just wondering if anybody has made a checklist for what you need to get when putting together a train horn kit. I have a K3HA just need to know what else I have to get to make it a easy install. I plan on getting a 5 gallon tank and a 480c compressor. Thanks ahead.

I recently made the attached diagram of my current setup which might help you identify other parts you will need. Don’t forget about the tools to mount, connect, and install everything too: electrical tape, wire loom, wire ties, bolts, screws, mounting boards / boxes, switches, soldering gun, etc.

Check out the full air kits at they come with everything you will need to get your horns running.

Thanks I will check those out. Anybody else?

x2 check hornblasters they have great air kits!

Well I went ahead and ordered an air kit from Got everything on Thursday. So now I need to paint the horns and get it installed. I still have a few things left to get thought before installing. I went ahead and got the 165-200psi pressure switch, is that the one ya’ll use that have K3’s?

I hear that running 200psi through the K-series horns will make them sound horrible. too high pitched and could damage the horn. anyone know about the damaging the horn part?

this has been brought up before just put a air regulator on it then you can have 200 psi in your tank and run what ever psi you want to the horns…

im not sure what the psi would be on a real train but they dont run at 200psi their regulations say that the horn must be between 96-110decibels 100ft in front of direction the horn is facing

Real locomotives run around 130 PSI average.

So I guess I got the wrong pressure swtich? I should have gotten the 110-150psi switch right?

you can get an air regulator like someone said
or talk to hornblasters maybe theyll exchange it?

your horns sound will be off for sure…its like turning the volume up all the way in your car you dont wanna blow your speakers

The 200 PSI thing gets mixed reviews. I, personally, wouldn’t run any of my horns at 200 (besides my shockers because they’re cheap). It can end up damaging the internals of the horns in the long run as well as what aobafmty said about making them not sound near as nice. They won’t.

Oops, forgot to add something. Really it’s all up to you… there’s several members on here running k5’s and k3’s at 200 psi with no problems as of yet (knock on wood).

i run 200 in all my nathans…and 150 in leslies…just use the 200…if u measure the psi at the manifold when u blast it will be about 160 which isnt bad at all for the horn…by the time the air fills how ever much line and the air exits the horn the pressure drops…just keep the 200…the horn will be fine and last forever

That’s inaccurate advice. Ken Kanne said exactly the opposite on another post on this forum and he works on them every day. I would go by what he says and NOT run 200 psi to them. (and no, the horn will NOT be fine and hardly last forever).

ive had a K3 for 2yrs on my truck…i clean it every 2 months or so…i use it about 10-15 times a day…its never gone bad…the sound is still the same…i have my solenoid on my tank and have like 6ft of airline…those 6ft give it a cushion.the pressure has to fill up in there…so a quick 1second blast of 200psi in the tank only gets u about 160at the manifold…if i regulate it at 150 the manifold pressure is like 125…which sounds good…but the 160 sounds stronger and more demanding

Damn dude! You use your K3 10-15 times a day? Do you work or live in a railyard? Or drive to/from work on the rails? I can’t imagine using a train horn that often without getting arrested or taken out by neighbors. :slight_smile:

Which is what a train runs average…

yea i live about 5 blocks away from the rails…and the UP englewood/settegast trainyards are about 1 mile away…u can hear locomotives humm at night when they get on the it…and the horns r faint but audible if u pay attention all the time…so blasting the horn is no problem…i also drive to work on liberty rd…and HWY 90…so im next to the tracks all the way home…back on topic…my 200 reads about 160ish so i think im good

I hit my K5s at 130psi like Ken recommended. The first time I hit them with 200psi it sounded like Cocca. He said if I wanted to keep the “Musical Tone” that the correct pressure is 130psi. Sounds much better then the 200psi and I think it’s just as loud. I too thought 200psi was the way to go. I was wrong!