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What’s up guys,
So, a few weeks ago this guy called us trying to sell us for a cool $35,000 well of course we would love that domain but don’t have that kinda cash, but there was some fool out there who bought it, I was just checking out the site, First thing I noticed was how nice they were to steal Hornblasters Kit photos… checkout their “K5 Big Bang Train Horn” which is actually Hornblasters’ P5 Train Horn Kit photo. Facking lamers! I talked to their technical support, online help, I asked if it was a Hornblasters kit they said no, that it was a Nathan Train Horn Kit. … Then I called Tech Support, spoke to “Tony” who openly admitted that they “use” photos off the internet that they “find” to display an example of what you can expect in the kit. I told him that I took the photo myself (ok it was Tiernan, but I was paying him) and that I wanted to know who gave them permission to steal images off of my site. He said the IT department who built the website was at lunch, and that he’d leave a message for me… So we’ll see.

Showing a P5, selling it as a K5… Worst of all, My image from



what company that “specializes” in train horn sales doesnt know the difference in a K5 and a P5?

they do have A LIVE CHAT


Chat with them haha? lol I just called them. those guys are retarded

looks like you gonna have to watermark all of your images… kinda sad

According to…

Train Horns and Train Horn Kits are the loudest air horns you can buy; at least that we’ve ever encountered. Some people think it’s a rather odd feature to have excessively loud train horns mounted on your car or truck. However, like anything else in the custom auto accessories world, the name of the game is to do something different or unique. Train horns are definitely that. And loud.

Car air horns should be for novelty use only and we never intend to hurt, scare or damage anyone’s ear drums compliments of the deafening rumble that emerges as the train horns let loose. We strongly advise all users, new and old, to use their car air horns with caution and be courteous of other drivers. Keep in mind, we sell the loudest train horns on the market and these car air horns will not only set off car alarms from blocks away, but could severely damage a person’s hearing. It goes without saying that all car airhorns should be used when not in close proximity to other vehicles or people.

Since we specialize in all types of truck air horns, car air horns and we even offer a budget-inspired electronic air horn, it’s fair to say we are the leaders in custom train horns for your car. Our kits come with everything you’ll need to avoid those quick visits to the local hardware store. If you’re here by chance or came specifically to buy air horn kits, you’ve made a wise move. Our Locamotive air horn technicians have put together kits for everyone from those looking for earth shaking tones to those looking to just be heard a little more than your stock car horns. Nathan train horns are some of the best sellers we’ve got, but our train horn kits come in all shapes and sizes.

A lot of your sound will depend on the size or the actual horn, but the majority of the sound and increased decibels come from the amount of air moving through each train horn. We have specifically pieced together the right sized air tanks, air lines, air compressors and horns to give you a pre-packaged car air horn kit that’s ready to blow right out of the box! Professional installation is recommended, but a little mechanical know-how can go a long way. The all-inclusive air horn kits are the way to go. Truck air horns to car air horns, we’ve got them all!


You are now connected to ‘Donny’

Donny Says: Welcome to Live help! This is Donny, how may I assist you today?
You Say: Hello
Donny Says: hello how can i help you?
You Say: why did you copy the pic’s from also the nathan horn you are selling is not a a k5 it is a p5 :slight_smile:

no comments from “Donny”

what a bunch of *****

I think cammyo is from… since he/she is posting their info here and their link in his/her introductions post.


Johnny strikes!!

Kyle Says: well i was going to say, if for some reason our images or site violate any copyright infringement you could contact us by phone to resolve any issues
Kyle Says: okay…
You Say: not a problem
Kyle Says: i do see we have incorrect information
You Say: who do i need to talk to
Kyle Says: let me check for you quick okay?
You Say: i want your boss
Kyle Says: one second
Kyle Says: he should be contacting hornblasters
You Say: ok thanks alot

haha way to go Johnny… I was going to ask them about their El Diablo train horn kit… it says it produces 195 dBa… but then their buyer’s guide says:
Q. Why do other sites claim that their horns are rated at 160+ dBa or higher?
A. Compact train horns cannot be made to be as loud as 160 dBa. It is impossible. Ask any engineer out there who knows something about sound. 160 dBa would literally destroy your hearing.

That’s confusing to me… I really wanted a horn that was 195 decibels loud :frowning:

LOL…that was an oversite on their part…looks like a conglomorite owns them…I did some background on them before I placed my order and they own tons of automotive sites…Looks like KASA Auto Parts…they own,,, WOW!! I ordered the el diablo last week and I already got it today…Ill let you guys know how it sounds once I install it…

^ I bet it does the 195dBs it clams it does too… hahaha

I’ll measure output, you guys know of a cheap tool I can get to do it? The kit seems to be top notch from what I’ve seen so far…fast delivery…so no complaints yet…

The only thing that goes that high in dBs is a termlab and those run around $700 or so. so not really. Measure it up against a real train. see how it does

u will wish u bought hornblasters!

Anyone from miami area got one of those? Otherwise I’ll just compare it to my buddies shocker and see how it does…

Amazing what goes on when people like us try to run a real business. 1800.dollars for a P5 Kit. I sure hope that comes with chrome plated horns, and bj for good measure.

A el diablo is louder then then a p5. Damn I have been selling the wrong kind of horns this whole time.

Bunch of asshats.

haha i spit my soda all over my computer monitor when i read that. maybe i shouldnt drink and read at the same time lol.:smiley: