Twist's HONKccord

This is my 98 Honda Accord V6 aka the Honkccord. I have the Shocker S4 kit on it with a little 2 gallon tank and 145psi, still trying to decide if i want to upgrade the line and/or go up to 200 psi. Any suggestions? anyways here it is. sorry for the HUGE PICTURES but yea didnt feel like resizing all of them.

Shocker S4 kit 2gallon and 145psi :smiley:

Rear Horns mounted under the bumper… Stealth FTMFW:smiley:

Front Horns


2 Alpine Type Rs, Hifonics 1206D mono amp (1200 watts), Alpine 9883 HU


very nice ! sounded a little weak but that could be the recorded sound level not the horns themselves. not sure :smiley:

Yea Its the camera, and I also believe its gotten louder once I broke it in. lol

LOL got louder after the break in…lol
break-in period is the first 50 honks…lol

Yea, exactly. That was literally like 10 min after they were installed.

now get the bigger airline and valve!

lol I need to finish the install of my brothers next. when u buy the valve does it just replace the other valve, or does it go with to the original?

looks kinda ghetto without those bumpers

ill take pics tomorrow and show u all how it looks with them on.

That’s my car exactly lol… well different audio products but my car is green too and a 98 haha. Same color interior too.

replace the other valve

Yea thats what I figured. Thanks

Thats tight… I love this car, so much room, and it did have so much trunk space, I can still fit probably 2 maybe 3 golf bags in it. Do you have the ex, lx or what?

in the cady world we go by dead bodies :cool:

The thing about dead bodies is that they arn’t all the same. You have people like me who are 6’ 4 and people who are 5’ 2, same thing with how big around they are. Golf bags on the other hand are relatively the same size and width so its a lot more accurate of measure. However people who drive cadys tend to carry a lot more bodies, so that unit fits your car lol :smiley:

in world of crown vics, we go buy kilos…lol


In the world of Escorts we go my Midgets :slight_smile:

are the dead bodies fresh or starting to decompose? there is a difference, besides just the smell…lol

Phrameldahyde + air freshner + fabreeze and ur good :slight_smile: