uh ooooohhhhhh!!!!!

someone has 11 k bells now:D:D:D:D

well send me one of them sons a bitches

i’ll trade ya a whelen siren for one =D

man,if i was a baller i would send everyone a set of something…only reason i got these is my buddy finally paid me some money he owed me from 2 yrs ago

Fo sho…now that is ridin dirty…im trying to think where to install my newly acquired rs4t…its a old school amtrak horn…looking good there though

slo_hatch you suck :slight_smile: are you trying to blow down tampa? lol

tampa dosent know whats coming

da whistles go WHOOOOOOOO

i was thinking of going to riverview for new years… but dayum i like my car not blown away :slight_smile:

Between Will(slo_hatch), curtis, me and my gurls tiburon. I think were close to blowing Tampa away. Oh and my buddys truck too. Hopefully i can get some pic of the S4 kit on my gurls car up soon.

tampa terror ftw… i may not have the honor of owning eleven k series bells… but i will have the honor of filming!! and that is what i am grateful for…thanks for listening amen lmao

thats honkin badass!!

im gonna have them installed monday night,then off to hornlasters weds for the audio sample

how bout tuesday. I gotta bunch of ish i gotta do wednesday.

deam bro send me one i will pay shipping lol

your going to need a bigger tank… lol

oh yeah for sure lol

15 gal is plenty,the hornblasters black car had less

Tues sound better…actually wendsday is cool i work 8-3!!!

how do you get a sig to work,i cant get one to load

you have to upload it, only thing that sucks is that it turns the quality down…