Viair 280c

Ive seen some of these around… i just dont kno where it fits in the whole system…is this a fast compressor. i heard one person was pushing that to a 5 gal tank? and i was like wtf thats slow… i kno its 150 psi comp…

but i think this is on my 2 gal and i can only imagine it on the 5

i put one in my brothers car on his 1 gal

ya the person told me it takes 4 to 5 mints from empty to full… true?

Isn’t that why they came out with the 300 and 400 series! Faster fill rates.

The 280 is for smaller air tanks… I wouldn’t use them with a larger horn.
Truck horns and a smaller reservoir though - sure!

Your mileage may vary…

oh no i have a 380c…my old 2 gal tank has the 280 on it… just looking for the info on it…didnt kno where in the lineup it was…someguy like i said told me he was running a 280 to a 5 gal and it would fill up 0 to 150 in like 5 mintues…which my 380 wont even do?

He must have been mistaken, or pulling your leg.

280C / 5 gallon tank, 0-145 PSI = 8 min., 52 sec.
280C / 5 gallon tank, 110-145 PSI = 2 min., 52 sec.

-Unless he was talking about the refresh rate (110/145 PSI) - then he was slow…

idk…how bout the 380 c…whats that do for a 5 gal? lance can i use a 150 psi compressor to help fill the 150 and let my 200 psi one take care of the rest? or is that not good?

380C / 5 gallon tank, 0-145 PSI = 8 min., 35 sec.
380C / 5 gallon tank, 0-200 PSI = 14 min., 45 sec.
380C / 5 gallon tank, 110-145 PSI = 2 min., 42 sec.
380C / 5 gallon tank, 165-200 PSI = 3 min., 30 sec.

Using multiple pressure switches is fine if you want to use different rated compressors on the same system. If you have a 150 PSI rated pump, use a 150 PSI switch, and if you want to use a 200 PSI pump to go past the 150 PSI pump’s rating, use a 200 PSI switch for the 200 PSI pump. Keep in mind though, that the 200 PSI pump will pump right alongside the 150 PSI pump until the 150 PSI pump shuts down due to the signal it receives from the pressure switch (also 150 PSI) that is controlling its operation.

right i would like them to pump at the same time…hmmmm i might do this …

fo sho lots of wires…ahhh

Call me crazy but i have a 280C on my 12 gallon tank and it does just fine… put it this way i can blow my k3 as much as i want to and not have to wait on the comperssor.

i will be the first to call u crazy! lol

ill be the second!! i run two 450c compressor on 8 1/2 gallons and have to wait.

must be very few people to honk at in your area lol

well that statement just voided the warranty lol

Yall must be honkin like some motha honkers, it only takes about 10 min. to fill up from 110 to 145psi. and i can get 3 long honks and a bunch of short ones from 145 to 110psi…

exactly 10 mins from 110 to 145 is a LONG TIME… for that little compressor to be pumping on a 12 gal tank

wow 10 min,. is way to long. it only take 1min 30sec for me. I say you need an upgrade fast…

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BTW, and I’m sure most will agree that you need Oasis or an EDC to blow that horn as much as you like!