If I’m going to get one, I’m going to get a REAL one. :smiley:

I just sold some stuff so I have some money burning a hole in my damn pocket! I’m looking for a nice USED or NEW(depending on price)P3 or K3 horn…I don’t care if it needs slight work, as long as it is not damaged ie…cracked, bent, broken.

Please let me know what you have with it’s condition, pictures, and price including shipping to 20657. If it’s close enough, I’ll pick it up.

Thanks in advance. :cool:

Get the K3

That’s what I’m leaning towards…some have said that the K3’s are even better than the K5’s.

mehhh depens on alot of things

The main thing I heard was that the 2 extra horns on the K5 are too high pitched so they sorta cancel out the other 3 when blown. I think I’ve gathered that 130-150psi is the best pressure to have them at when applied. Those blowing them at above 150psi are basically ruining them and not getting the full potential sound out of them. Correct me if I’m wrong…that’s just what I’ve gathered so far…I’m still learning!! :smiley:

i think ur right…every ear hears differently

Cool, I’m itching real bad for one bro…I keep watching all the HB video’s and every time I laugh, I want them even more!!! LOL…

ya i know hat u mean…where are u located?

edit: nevermind… south maryland

Yup, Southern MD…like the most South of Maryland.:rolleyes:

Time to Terrorize this little place. :smiley:

The 2 extra bells on the K5 just add to the difference in tone. They will make you cringe when volume is produced. By far my favorite horn.

Right, I’m not discrediting the K5 at all!!! I would love to have one, but the price is just a bit too steep for me to own one right now. The K3 is still in my reach.

how much are u gonna spend?

Well right now, I have around $300-$400…but have more to spend if I stumble across a deal I can’t pass up…:wink:

I’d really like to get a nice USED K3LA for $300-$400. I’ve heard a P3 online and it sounded pretty damn good…why not a P3??? I know a K3 is better, but I kind of like the P3 sound also.

A P3 is better IMO. A K3 might be louder but I’m just not a big fan of the K horns. The newer ones aren’t nicknamed “screaming K’s” for no reason. They aren’t that great of horns soundwise unless you can find an older one or a brand new one. Plus, everyone has a K horn and not many people have P horns. If you’re getting one to just scare people with, I’d go with a K horn just because they are loud and usually sound bad (they just make loud, scary noise), but from a collector’s standpoint, I’d go with the P. Hope I helped!

p5 or leslie rs5t ftw


Thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for both.

I just looked, must be too late:(…someone probably already got it. DAMN IT!!! :mad:

they are on there all the time

Your learning well and as far as the k5 being too high pitched is just a preference I think they both sound awesome

Thanks…absolutely…like I said before, I’m not taking anything away from the K5’s. If I could, I would have 1 of each!! LOL, but wouldn’t everyone!!!

I’ve got something in the works right now, well 3 to be exact, but nothing final as of yet. Stay tuned…:cool: