Wanted set of shocker 4 and air tank trade for Leslie L3LR

Sorry, decided to keep em.:o

its a l3lr do you have any pictures…

I can get you a pic tomorrow. I installed them under my mazda but decided not go through with the large tank an everything else. I’m trying to stay on a budget.
I’ll take some really detailed pics, they are in great condition, the paint is excellent, the trumpets are straight & there is no rust on the bolts. I ran 130 psi to them with my shop compressor and they sound great.

alright that sounds good…

you should buy that 20 gallon airtank from firestone.com its only 129.00

That is alot of stored air!!

A Leslie RS3LR for a cheap plastic horn? That’s pretty funny there. You’re losing on that deal… I’d buy you a brand new set and send you a tank for that…

ive once traded a prime 920 for brand new dual viair 380

but i will never ever trade a LESLIE OR A NATHAN FOR A PLASTIC HORN…NO OFFENSE

No offense taken. Man the whole air consumption thing has me discouraged. I want some sound bad, its a probably a bad desicion.

yeah the air consumption is alot…even with my 50 gallon tanks…my NATHAN AIRCHIME M5 OR LESLIE S5T WILL DRAIN THIS TANK DOWN…

I want something inconspicuous on my 93 b2200. I don’t want to have a huge air tank in the back. I know the shockers are plastic, but they gotta be good quality right? I’ll get some nathans one day, that’s what I would really like to have as far as authentic train horns go. Also My truck sits low, and The only place to mount them is where the spare was, and I hate to ruin the leslies under there, that can’t be good over time. I’ve already uninstalled them and if I don’t let them go to someone that can use them they will more than likely sit in my garage. You can only have so much fun annoying the neighbors with a stationary rig.

yes the HornBlasters air horns (shockers) are good quality and strong…watch this video and you will see how strong these horns are…

Shocker Train Horn Durability Test


I would be happy with a set of those!

I’m sure you could find a collector who might trade a p3 or k3 for it and some cash… Or you could email Tom Aker and see if he’d trade a P3 for it. I’ve seen him sell P3s for around the same price as a Leslie RS3L. Want his email?

Are the p3’s as air thirsty?

TOM AKER is a good friend of mine…he usually sells p3s, and leslies for $389…he is a retired LT IN THE ARMY…so i get that MILITARY DISCOUNT from him

NOWHERE near… They can blow and sound great on as little as 70-80 psi.

P series horns are loud at 80 psi

I believe he sells the RS3Ls for 389 and the P3s for 385.

yeah…thats right…he has all kinds of horns…a huge warehouse full…

I would swap them for something like that, as long as I don’t have to go overboard with tank and compressor. I’ll email him if you guys have his email