What a friggin build.......

Installing a set of horns on a Dodge Ram 2500 and damn this is taking some time to get everything installed. Installing everything on the frame rails on the passenger side. Had the horns, compressor, and solenoid already installed. Spent 8 hours installing the tank today, which is a ***** mounting to the frame rails, but got it mounted with all the hardware hanging off it. Still need to fab an add’l outlet but knock on wood, that’s it. My fab skills are really good, but struggle with electrical. Hoping that the electrical is good as plumbed. Almost scared to install the fuse to the power line… Can’t wait to blast this *****…

Installed add’l outlet after dinner, rechecked everything. Put fuse in and flipped switch and everything is dead. This build has been off and on for the last three months. Thinking I was going to have to tear about switches and such in the morning and I came up with a brainstorm. Maybe the ignition switch needed to be on and sure enough, I heard a buzz under the truck. It works, but it looks like we have an air leak. I think I can handle this in the morning???

good luck!!! you’ll get it with some persistance!!!

air leaks are not your biggest problem… just get a really good sealant on the threads if you want no air leaks , you lose 1 psi overnight (air will always leak out with teflon tape)

my install went clean. 8 hours straight and got it all to work. really surprised that i did get it to work as soon as I did, since I have no experience with air lines or compressors

good luck :smiley:

So overnite I don’t lose any air pressure and I’m stoked about this. I used 545on all fittings and I figure I should look for leaks anyways so I get the soapy water out and start spraying fittings. As I started earlier that I have done this build in stages. I move to my solenoid valve and I see a short stub sticking out. When I installed my solenoid valve I put a short capped stub in to keep the dirt out it. First thought was how the heck are horns to blow without any air going to them. What an idiot!!! In routing the tank with all it’s components it never dawn on me to route a line to the solenoid. I was damned if I was going to drop the tank, no way. It took a couple hours to run a line to the solenoid and I think we have a good tight system. Now to take it for a drive and test the horns.
What a friggin build!!!

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you won’t need much help from us.

Welcome to the forums!

show us some pics…mine took two days solid to do, 6am in morning till 10.30 at nite, even then it weren’t finished, but mostly cosmetics left to do… tis all done now thankfully!

If I can figure out how to post pixs I will.
So today I go out and run the compressor / tank up to 200 psi for the first time. Had to run some errands and I get out and check the guage and it is at 200 psi. It took about 10 minutes or so to fill up from 0 to 200. So I take a drive out to the outskirts of the city and lay on the trigger switch. Not a frigging thing from the horns. I hate electrical, but this is some pretty basis electronics, so I need to double check both switches. I know the compressor switch works but the solenoid is not working. I’m sure it’s something I did… The saga continues… I can’t wait for this friggin build is finished!!!

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you could’ve tested your trigger switch / solenoid functioning properly, without any air in the system, at least that’s how i did it. the clicky noise tells you it’s working

cool thats nice

It looks like it’s going to be a week before I can continue on this build. We have an Jeep in the garage that is having major electrical issues. Man I hate dealing with electrical crap…

Well the drama queen is back. My last item was that the trigger switch would not work. So tonite I had a chance to get under the dash to check my kill switch and trigger switch connections. I came across a small inline fuse that I had installed when I installed the switches. Sure enough idoit boy needed to put a fuse in, so I installed a fuse and dropped the air pressure from 190 to about 40psi and hit the trigger in the garage. IT WORKS… Lost almost 10 pounds in about 5 days, not to bad.
Attaching some pixs of build. I will need to build a shield to prevent rain roost from the front tires going into the horns…Much Later…Thanks for all the posts here on this forum, kinda guided me in the right direction to hopefully do this right the first time…

dont worry, you’ll be taking them out soon enough for something louder and you’ll go thru it alll again! lol

That aint no lie i bout three horns before i was happy. But fixing to mount my shockers back on my truck. So then i will have my p3 and shockers.

You guys are right…these things are weak at 200 psi with 1/2" lines.
What is the best bang for the buck? Don’t have to have the best, but what would you recommend for horns at the cheapest price, money is tight.

save for same k3

i can alomst guarentee you’ll like the shockers, and you already have 200 psi, just order up the horns