what compressor should I use

I want to upgrade my air system on my truck. I cerenly have a 5 gallon tank with a viair 380c. I want to put in a 9 gallon along with my 5 to make a total of 14 gallons but I plan on up grading to another 9 later to make a total of 23 gallons.

what compressor can pump 23 gallons of air to 150 psi.

I was thinking that dual 450c would that do the trick or should I upgrade to dual viair 480c for a extra $60 and would have to buy a 150 psi switch witch will be a extra $30. I really really would like to keep the cost down as much as possible

also I would have to sell my viair 380c to pay for the new compressor so i would no longer have that

also how about those air zenith ccompressors

also I have figered that it will take about 15 min to pump from 0 to 145 psi on the 23 gallon so kinda be a bit, and 5 min to recharge from 110 to 145

The Oasis compressor can fill 23 gallons to 150 PSI in 3.5 minutes and top it off in 45 to 50 seconds.

ya those are good but I dont think that I want to spend 1,000 on a compressor I would like to keep it more around $300

the more I look at them the more I think about getting the air zenith since they pump about the same as dual 450c and they can be rebuilt

I think you will find more support for Viair. Whether they can be rebuilt is something that can be answered better by Lance.

Viair’s can be rebuilt too and Hornblasters.com carrys their parts

Thanks Dan!

Yes, VIAIR compressors can be rebuilt. -Hornblasters has been repairing their customers’ pumps for some time now.

Just find out what you need, and give Hornblasters a call. If you’ve not sure, ask me.

If you plan to increase your storage capabilities, you are smart to also upgrade your compressor(s). Since the 380C pulls fewer amps than any 200 PSI rated compressor on the market, you may want to add two more of them to your setup. Always use a relay for each compressor. Our Dual Packs come with a new pressure switch and a relay right with the package.

Three 380Cs will pull 45-48 amps peak - a draw that most vehicles can handle without an alternator upgrade.

With this setup, it would take approximately 4-1/2 minutes, to fill 20 gallons. (Even though I can’t understand why anyone needs so much air on demand… That’s why you have compressors.)

cuz air on demand is the poop… lol

that and my train horns use a ton of it

yea mine whos a poop load and so does my air bags…iz needs my air!!

A lot yes, 20 gallons on demand is kind of ridiculous though…

not if u like to have fun for awhile without having to wait for more air

Exactly scaredu, 20gals is alot funner!!:eek: more pulls per gal! :smiley:

do I need to say it?

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I don’t know about the HeadOn product but I hate their commercials too.

Ive never tried it. does it actually work? and if so how fast does it take?