What do you drive?

Post pictures of your ride.

I’ll start,

2005 Ford F250 Powerstroke :slight_smile:

[b]here’s my toy it’s a 2006 Xrunner


Sweet thread!!!

My daily Driver

The Show Truck Not completed But in its current state.
99 s10 body dropped on 20s


Hydro-Pneumatic Setup

Fully Shaved

Sheet Metal Bed

that is one sweet S-10 bro! auto or stick? :cool:

wanted to do the vette 6 speed but ended up going Auto to try and keep it as clean looking as possible. Probably goin to do a push button shifter of some sort maybe even paddles though.

could go with the multi lever like the pro stocks use on those automatics.:cool: also , where’s the tail lights/ are you using the one at the roof line only?

my sigs are too big for this forum… size and dimensions… :mad:

i dunno we’ll see what i do for a shifter… but i also havent decided what to do for tail lights yet either … that 3rd brake light will be shaved too :smiley:

Nothing like all the other sweet rides but it gets me places.

theres a blazer where i live that shaved the tails and just uses a line of fire light under the tailgate

2006 Dodge Durango SLT
Still working on it. Gonna get 22s painted to match the car next summer. Who knows what I will add next.


2nd truck

1st truck

Well here I go.
Daily driver.

Current state.

Show truck:(Old Explorer, Had 4 Grover 1510’s)

Horns on show truck: Old set up.

Current Minus the duel 480’s instead of the AZ on the DD.

whats with the blue bar license plates?
the daily that will be getting my RS3L

lil addition i made today…thinking about painting it black since it really don’t match anything.

this is my 06 ram 1500 ulve made some small changes to it since these pics but nothing major removed the toolbox though

I’m diggin the white walls :cool:

If you do not know what the plate means you are not supposed to.

Clue: Wikipedia (Thin Blue Line)

Also, Love the WW’s. Love the retro Look.