What do you drive?

The Thin Blue Line, a colloquial term for police and police forces. The term derives from The Thin Red Line and suggests that a thin line of police officers is all that prevents civilized society from descending into chaos. The Thin Blue line can also refer to the brotherhood of the profession. It shows the bond of police officers, and the symbol is taken very seriously among most police officers. The term is also sometimes used as a pejorative against police who cover up criminal activity of fellow officers.

Current Stable Includes:

2003 Toyota Tundra

2003 Suzuki GSXR1000

2008 Suzuki M109R

2008 Scion xB

Not at home, but still currently own:
1997 Dodge Dakota

1966 Toyota Stout

love the dodge lance!u need to rebuild that stout!!

does the dodge run the 490c?

LOL - The Dodge doesn’t run! (Well, it hasn’t in awhile…)

When it ever gets completed, I’ll set it up with the biggest/best available. Its got dual 450Cs at the moment…

And the Stout… I was going to make it look like this rendering I did YEARS ago… but I’ll likely just end up selling it. I’ve never been able to find windshields for it, so I could chop the top.

MMMMMM… That Sexy! Do IT!!!

lance whats your zip i thing i may know you from out side the forum
because i think i help paint that dodge some time back

I just added this to my collection of what I drive now…

Does it have the interceptor motor in it? Where is the spotlight?? Those come in handy…lol…

yes it has the interceptor motor in it… the damn dealer ship took the spotlight out and the back window that separated the back seat from the front… but I have the spotlight, but im just missing 1 peice from it to put it back together… damn dealership!!
but it drives and handles honkin awesome! people get outta my way when they see me coming…lol

now all your missing is the 30 inch rims and skylift lol

Find me some windshields dammit!!!

I live in California, but it was painted in Oklahoma…
Soooo… unless you ever worked for or with Charles Armstrong… I doubt it. Charles has since moved to Prescott, Arizona - and that’s where the Dakota currently is.

Does anyone want to buy the Stout? $1500 and its yours. Arizona titled its whole life.

naw not my style…lol
ill talk to my buddy see if he wants to buy ur stout…
but u are kinda far away…lol

I drive 2 cars…the everyday truck/ get arounder, with the horns:

very soon to get 31" muds and some better wheels.

and my baby, no room for horns…even conductors would be a tight fit anywhere.

i like the BMW! looks great…
nice drivin photo too

let me see it i have put a set of hb4h and 2 1gal tanks on the same bmw before, it’s not a one day job but it can be done and done right if at my home shop! i believe that if you take your time and do it right, you wont have to do it a second time.
if you pay me i can make a k5la fit but you wont have any trunk
p.s. i know some easy mods that can get 35-50 hp and 60-70tq
just pm me i help yo out i Like BMW’s i have a M3 Coupe out front.

2003 Ford F350 Super Duty, 6.0L Diesel, 4wd loaded, with HB Conductor’s SP4

love the ford… wish i never traded in my 97 f150 for the dodge

2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

nice ride

Very Nice Ride!