What kit to buy!

Hey guys I really cant stand drivers these days. Im looking at the complete kits on here and im undecided so far. I have a lil bmw z3 lol. Will I be happy with the S4 train horn kit? Seems like i can mount them under the rear easy.

Or should I just get the 190$ bandit 300 kit. If the sound isnt even close to the S4 then I will shell out the extra 200 for it but im not spending over 400. thanks guys!

z3ro, first off welcome. I would spring for the s4 it has a more realistic sound to it.matches closely to the grand daddy of train horns the Nathan K5.
try you tube you should be able to see some video’s of the s4 in action.search train horn video’s.:smiley:

welcome to the forum…
s4 should do u great

s4 just needs one word…Amazing

Hell yeah I love my S4.

S4 all the way. It sounds just like a train and its loud enough to get the attention of the worst driver. well worth it.

Well I guess S4 it is. Thanks for your help guys!

No problem bro were all glad to help.

you wont regret spending the little bit extra its definitely wroth it

lets us know what u buy when u buy it

I think Im gonig to order it tomarow, Is the compressor loud? Should it be mounted in the trunk or under the vehical?

cant say for the compressor your getting, i have the 480 mounted in the back of my truck and cant ever tell if its running or not lol

With music on its hard to tell its on. Its really not bad at all

i would mount it in the trunk…best spot in my opinion…

yea thats what I did


if only i had a trunk i would be so happy

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