What regulator are you using?

OK, here’s a quick roundup - I’d like to hear from those of you who are running 200psi systems and have installed an in-line regulator.

I’m considering putting one in but can’t seem to find one that meets my main criteria, wich is:

  • it must support 200psi
  • it must have at least 1/2" ports
  • reg only (ie. no attached water trap)

So the above rules out the cheaper varieties like the Viair due to the port size and the top end options like Ingersoll Rand ARO series is too expensive for my liking. Surely there’s got to be something in between, so if you have one installed …

  • What type/brand are you using?
  • price/performance, comments/notes?


Haven’t hooked mine up yet, but I believe a few people are running this regulator with success. I can check the actual brand if you’re interested.

The brand name is Norgren. I’ve been using one for over a year problem free.

Interstate Pneumatic makes the one I use. I’ve had it on my truck for 4 years and no issues. just make sure you get the one that is made for 200psi or greater.

No regulator, here. I want one that supports 200 psi max but have nowhere in the engine compartment (which is where it -must- go) to mount the bulky bastards that require mounting brackets. Space is tight due to an oversized alternator, twin 300amp ANL fuses on high temp ceramic studs, a 300amp MOSFET-based dual rectifier, twin oversized AGM batteries, and 1/0AWG wiring eating up what might otherwise be free. (It’s a winching setup, by the way…)

I’ve been looking like mad for an inline regulator whose output is pre-set to 150psi … but have found nothing that supports 200psi max working pressure on the input side. And an adjustable … I just don’t have anywhere left to put one. I suppose my shockers will just have to live at 200 psi. :slight_smile:

I’m going to keep an eye on this thread in case something I can use comes to light…

I second that. First one was great that I bought a second from McMasterCarr.

One for the roof mount and one for the k3 behind the bumper. Could I of ran everything off of one regulator…yes but I wasn’t thinking at the time…Lol

They don’t break the bank either…about $45 across the pond.

Got a model number for that Norgren? McMaster Carr won’t let me browse the site unless I create an account. Norgren has an Australian outlet so I might try my luck directly from here if I can track down the exact model.

I’d love to order one through the US but as far as I’ve seen the shipping ends up costing me more than the regulator :mad:

Its… R74G-4AT-RMG

Here is what I have on my truck. Two regulators, I think i paid $43.00 each. If you can find A supplier on line over there, they shouldn’t be to much more.
BTW They even came with pressure gauges.


Thanks for that. Found their data sheet - I did notice though that the M in "RMG"denotes the 150psi variant.

I wonder if I need to get the “RSG” configuration for it to handle the 200psi input pressure of if that’s just a constraint on the regulation side. Hmm… I’ll give them a call on the dog & bone to find out.

OK… just got off the blower with the man at Norgren here. Pressure input wise they can handle up to 20 bar so no worries there. The M will regulate up to 150 and the S up to 250psi.

Soo… I was ready to order one, but - Can’t get the NPT variant so that would have to come in through their US office. It will end up costing me around $130 given conversion rate at present. Hmmm…

Option 2 - He suggested I can get a BSP threaded version locally for $160 + the gauge for another 27.50 on top. Yikes :eek:

Guess I’ll have to shelve this idea - yet again - until I come for a visit to the States and put one in the suitcase for $40.

It should be 300psi max inlet and 150 max outlet from what it says on my regulator

Hmm what about ebay?

Same problem essentially. Out of all the options I found on eBay - none were local (all US based). So … with no one doing sea freight anymore, freight charges are on average 200% of the price of the regulator itself.

I mean… not that I can’t afford to pay $60 to have something freighted, but I just don’t need it that ‘desperately’ I suppose to submit myself to being shafted like that.

Just a rant on the side while I can - Cost of doing business here is getting ridiculous! I run a small company and when I see that we on average pay up to 3 times or more the price that’s charged in the US, it makes me see red because I know we’re getting screwed big time - and someone’s pocketing the difference. [Anyway, rant over!]

Time for a vacation huh… Lol

Yup - right after I take my blood pressure medication :slight_smile:

My Norgren is a R74G-4AT-RSG
10-250 PSI

Hope you get something figured out. Try contacting an industrial pneumatics/hydraulics distributor.

Just a thought, would someone here in the states be able to buy one and ship it at a reasonable cost ?

Are you volunteering? :D:D:D
In all seriousness though, I don’t think it’d work out much cheaper. I’ve looked into USPS costs (Standard Priority Mail) still ends up costing around $60.

If it would be cheaper I’d be interested in helping a fellow horn enthusiast. I’m a member on some hobby related forums where this subject came up recently, and the consensus was some vendors jack up the price to people across the pond just because they can.