whats the best brand of compressors

i had my viair 120c light duty sheer a bolt off and im looking to replace it asap
who has the best ones?

i love my viair 480c!

have you ever had any problems with it? how long have u had it and what r the dimensions on it… if you dont mind?

dual viair 490 series whenever they release

i use a viair 380c on my 5gal

how much do you want to spend and how big is your tank?

money is no object but im limited on space… and my tank is .5 gallons this is the bike installtion job lol. just need one that will withstand the vibrations

i got the viair 480c for my 5 gallon air tank and that poop its fast bro

maybe i just got a crappy lil 120c or whatever it was… need to go bigger

viair 480 will do fine…
i run dual 480s and love it on my 12 gallon tank

There is no such thing as a Viair 120C… what unit are you running, how many gallons? Please keep in mind that if your compressor was a 33% duty or lower duty cycle unit - that it cannot run for as long as a 100% duty cycle unit. The tradeoff with duty cycle is speed.

Low duty cycle = higher speed
High duty cycle = slower speed

The Golden Rule of 12-volt oilless compressors:
You need one compressor for each 5 gallons of air you store.

ok i dont have the compressor in from of me but i rember it was model 6253 or something like that… it had 9% duty time and my tank is 1/2 gallon i think people were missing the “.” in “.5” … but ya idk what happened the pump was not bloeing air into the system and i blew cig smoke into the intake to see where the leak was… and it turned out that the bottum of the compressor… the side opposit of the piston… was leaking i then felt the nut that was there and thought humm thats loose… so i fiddled with it and it came all the way out… was like whoa… that aint good… i then got a wrench and tried to screw it back in with no avail… after that i decided to unscrew the other screw and it was much longer then the one that i had in my hand and i discovered that the bolt was broken off
sorry bout spelling :confused:

Bolts can only be broken off if they are over-torqued. Disassembling a compressor voids its warranty as well.

The model number sounds like a kit from Kleinn.
6250 - http://www.kleinn.com/products/specs/6250.htm (Intended for smaller air horns). Comes with a small compressor intended for a one gallon air tank or smaller. This is in no way, shape or form meant to supply air for train horns.

i dotn have a train horn i have klenn horns… and yea that is exactly it… the distrubetor didnt tell me crap and im getting into this stuff deeper and deeper…learning more and more … as when i bought this kit i ddint know jack crap
thank you so much for all the help youve provided…
do you think if i retapped that particular hole were it broke off and then resealed it with tfe paste…it should work

im looking for a viair 145psi pressure switch/ 150 or greater SEALED compressor. and a check valve. what site do i goto to get this stuff

i have trucker horns not train horns btw lol they r loud enough for a bike

A 90 series compressor sells for about $70 or so… rather than mess with it… replace it.
They’re small and good for certain things, but once they’re toast - its simpler to put in a new pump.

Here’s another idea… is this what you’ve always wanted for horns? If not, why not go larger? Larger compressor(s), large air tank, etc. You can always operate multiple horns from a larger onboard air system…

Dream big!

hornblasters.com of course has these products! my 480c is t oo big to put on a bike

well im very limitd to room i cant just add a side cart to this bike… its a crotch rocket… and the horns i have hit 150dcb and im plenty happy with that :slight_smile: not unless u know of some one that can make a custom 5 gallon tank that weaves in and out on my subframe on my bike lol… i cant go any larger :frowning: well i retapped the hole yesterday after work seems like the pump is working again …ill let you know if i get it working again… id be saveing some money

That’s right - I forgot about the bike application. Unfortunately, you’re going to be limited - and since the bike is what the horns are installed on/in - you don’t have many options.

ever try a pancake tank?? see if that would fit??

the compressor and everything worked. i hooked it up at lunch and took the bike for inspection… :slight_smile: thank for the help guys

pancake was to wide