Where NOT to put your K3's

I was so hype on installing my new K3’s that I installed them temporarily and didn’t think about any future effects of leaving them where they were. My wife took the truck out to pick up some new furniture :confused: and f…ed up my RPM sensor on the diff and scratched up my horns real bad (not her fault but hey) :rolleyes:. The weight of the stuff brought the bed down just enough to have bell #1 rest on the sensor top and crack it. Replaced it for some change but just to keep someone from doing fool like i did, just dont put it there.:wink:

not supposed to mount anything over the axl dood
remove the spare tire carrier and weld you a plate in there

this is the mount i had on my dodge…

damn that sucks bud lol

I know it does.

Se7en, thanks alot for the idea. That make alot more sence than what I had there. Im gonna have this done weekend comming and post some pics. :cool:

after you remove the tire carrier you will have to grind off the screw hols that hold it on there so the plate wil sit flat… be prepared though its a tight fit getting the fittings in there my suggestion is to use push to connect fitting in there

Also a warning to others with K horns undr your truck when i had removed mine one of the bolts had come loose a little bit… be sure to use some threadlocker on your nutZ!!

lol Oh, I had my fare share of them dropping out on other applications (need i say anymore) I tread-locked them when they first arrived. Thanks for the tip though.


At least 2 of mine are seen.


let them be seen… let them be stolen… no difference lol

They won’t get stolen if you don’t leave them up there all the time.

Well, here in my little country - THEY WILL BE. They might even try to sell them back to me at a discount price too. :eek:

I thought about mounting mine there, but im not, just for that reason. That sucks man!

Tell me about it. Its just a shame that such beauty has to be hidden…For some folks that is.

A mounting kit on top of my ride just wont work.

they dont have to steal from you to get your ride messed up. Just ask dan… someone totaled his Jeep by covering it in paint. stealth FTW

Locks are to keep honest people out… you can get around any lock if you want to…

Huh? Honest people wouldn’t try to get in something that’s locked or not theirs in the first place lol I’ve got several locks that you would either have to burn off with a torch or shoot off.

if thats the case… why would i want to drie around with a lock hanging off he top of my vehicle?.. who want to have to take a horn off the top of their car every time they park it…

I still dont know why some people cant understand we honk at people… we dont care if the horns can bee seen or not… we are not collectors.

Das what Im talking about. Blow em till they dont blow no more. Ah, someone understands. lol