Which direction to aim horns

I have a flat bed Ford F-350, and I was wanting to mount them about the middle of the bed right above the driveshaft facing down. Will I still get plenty of sound?. I just bought the 4 horn set. Thanks,

With the conductors, you can mount them in all directions - since they don’t share a manifold like P & K horns do.

IMO get another set and set them up to sound in all directions… lol

You’re gonna love 'em!!

Right now I’m using 1/4" air line for a set of Cheap horns, will the “Conductor” horns get ample air from that size line, or, do I need to go up in line size?.

"Just like a “Newbie”, whats P & K stand for?.

Nathan P series horns and Nathan K series horns, suck as K5LA or P5 Etc… I would suggest a hi CFM solenoid and 1/2 to 3/4 air line.

Can I tap into my existing 1/4" line, or do I need to drill, and tap a new line from my tank?.

Drill and tap? does your tank not have ports?

It has one port with 1/4" line to the air lift, and the air shift.

I would use 1/2 but quarter will still be loud.

I"m using a 3/8’ valve and 3/8" line on my Conductor and its PLENTY loud.

Now the K5LA - that will get a 1/2-inch port, 1/2-inch valve and 1/2-inch air line.

I am running 1/2" valve and line nice and loud… Just need more air… All I had is a 5.5 Liter tank…

what makes them loud is the CFM and amount of air behind it.

some people like to mount them faceing the ground so it bounces out the ground and echoes out further…
but with a k5la kit… it dont matter where u mount them…haha

True. K5;s are designed to echo off of nothing.

have u heard the OTR K5la? i wanna compare them to a regular k5la and see how big of a difference there is…

They suck!!!

Hi, all; I’m here to celebrate my HornBlasters train horns too!

I have the 4 horn Conductor set. Matt advised putting them behind the front grill facing down. After scratching his head for awhile and grumbling about sound dispersion, my installer positioned the two shortest in front of each front wheel well facing out, and the longest two in the front facing forward on either side of the radiator, all with a slight downward cant.

The sound is incredibly luxuriously LOUD! and very melodic. I am so happy w/these horns!

I had no room in front, so, I mounted them mid way under my bed facing downward. I custom made some mounting brackets, and had to design it to set the horns at small angles to avoid the driveshaft. I think the horns come with 5/16" tubing, so, I’m going to buy a 5/16 to 1/4" reducer joint. I had to take my old horns off, and I took the truck out to shop. Wouldn’t you know it…I had a couple assholes in front of me. and I didn’t have a horn, thats the way it always goes, isn’t it?. Not for long though Assholes, soon, you shall pay for your mistakes!.

i heard a OTR k5… And it Sucks… the tone is the same but the loudness is not the same… its not shitty but its nothing like a real k5 in action…

either way its gonna be loud no matter how u really position them…but most common is the way matt said, but ive seen it done the way ur installer did as well