Who Want's To Give Me Some Guidance On My Setup?

So I just got a new Train Horn Setup Installed on my Truck the other Day.

I got a Leslie RS3K, 5 Gallon Tank, 1/2" Lines, 110/145psi Switch Installed on my Silverado.

I got the Horns mounted under the Bed Sideways, Firing out the Passenger Side.

It’s loud, but honestly isn’t as loud as I would think IMO. I previously had Grover Studdertones Installed, Fire Truck Horns, had them Mounted behind my Front Bumper. Those were loud, as loud as I thought they would be.

So why is it I don’t think these Leslie’s loud? Could it be because they are now mounted in the Back and Firing out the Side? Would it be safe to turn them and face them forward? I want to do this, but am scared about stuff getting stuck in them. I’ve been trying to fine Snow Screens or some kind of Debris Screen for them, but haven’t found anything.

They are running at 145psi now. Would it be safe to bump 'em up to about 200psi, or would that be too much?

Is there a “Choker” in it that I can take out?

No no no dont run them over 135psi…u will damage the tab back…and then resulting in damage to the inner parts of the horn. I would face them forward as well, u can make ur own debris screens, with wire mesh, and basically stretch it over the bells making them tight…its also based on how much air you have, i would recomened upgrading to a bigger tank, you can probally vouch for your self when you honk it, your pressure switch comes on, a leslie rs3k is a big horn that requires alot of air. Make sure if you take the horn apart that you align the bells with the tab backs the right way and not to the side or anything like that.

If I’m not mistaken hornblasters carries bonnets for the train horns,not sure about leslie’s but give em a call. :smiley:

Bonnets for 3a or 1 bells of k series will fit around a 31 and possibly a 44 bell

Yea, the Blast really doesn’t last that long. I figured 5 Gallons would be ok for a decent length Blast, but nope.

Yeah fo sho

So I’ll just leave it at 145psi since it’s already over it’s limit by a little bit. Get a new Tank sometime, and face them forward.

sounds good…since its a rs3k face 2 forward and 1 backwards…the middle bell

I don’t think I got enough room under there Length wise to to that and have them aim forward. If I keep them sideways I can do that though.

got any pics so i can see what your working with.....hornguy07@yahoo.com

Is there any kind of Choke or Reducer put into the Leslie’s like the Nathan OTR’s to reduce the Output?

hey bud i just wanted to tell you don’t if you have to make the compressor work harder to get that high it wont last long trust me they guys that install these things see it all the time people bump up the psi there compressors take a poop asap

Yea, I’m just gonna keep it at 145psi. The 480c can work up to 200psi, so I’m all good at only 145psi.

Good for you because it will be easier on everything at 145 PSI. If you want a compressor to work at 200 PSI consistantly without taking a poop, get an Oasis. Even then we recommend a check and unloader valve.

I love my dual oasis compressors…they are awesome…

Oasis = Uber $$$$

You get what you pay for. Buy one Oasis that lasts a life time or get something else over and over and over and over etc…

thanks, we love a happy customer!

Oh I don’t doubt that they are excellent Compressors, just a lil too much for me to spend on JUST a Compressor.

That depends on how long you plan to use compressed air. They might cost a bit up front but it’s either that or buy many of the others that will cost as much or more over the long run.