winter time horn care

there mounted under the bumper. what happens when it starts snowing? any ideas?

in jax fla don’t have snow problems.i would suggest bonnets for the bells or some kind of shield to protect em.:cool:

What kind of horn is it? Where are they mounted and in what direction? If they are somewhere where they will get stuffed with snow while driving I would suggest the bonnets. Normally a horn will not blow when the bell is stuffed with snow or anything else for that matter. With the bonnets you will be able to blow out whatever manages to get in them. If they are mounted under the truck facing forward, I would probably take them off and mount them the other direction, your horn will thank you later but if you don’t, the bank will haha.

run a small amount of anti freeze in ur tank…so ur lines dont freeze

ya anti freeze is the key… and i use air tool oil in the summer to keep things lubed :eek:

If you own a chrome horn and are unsure if its a marine grade finish you should also consider a marine grade protectant. Salt covered roads and chrome don’t usually get along. On that note, anything is better than nothing so even WD-40 will work if you can’t find something at the hardware store.

Anti-freeze of 50/50 is another good horn protector but be careful not to them down the bells

I’m sorry to be a newbie dolt but here in MA we’re already getting down below freezing at night, and I’m just in the middle of my first install K5LA’s from hornblasters…

  1. Are you recommending a mix of 50/50 water/anti-freeze to pour directly into the air tank?

  2. On a 5 gallon tank, how much of the mix should I put in?

  3. Should I put tool oil in as well? If so, how much



I don’t think I would put 50/50 antifreeze in my tank… Seems like that would rust it out to me, not to mention ANY moisture inside your horns is never a good thing.

No no no…anti-freeze would go on the actual horn. Not inside the tank, best thing for a tank is to fill it up to max turn the compressor off and pull any plugs and let that air shoot out of there fast with all the crap coming out of it

umm put antifreeze in the tank…so it goes thru ur air line, so ur air lines doesnt freeze

How much antifreeze in a 5 gallon tank, man?

just a cap full


Antifreeze!? What? I don’t think you need any of that, it’ll probably ‘F’ up your horns. Pneumatic tool oil should be all you’ll need if at all. Just keep your tank drained. If your horns are facing down (best position) or backwards; no need for cones or bonnets. Maybe I’m wrong. Ask an actual engineer and see what he say’s. I think we have one on this forum…

we have a couple people who THINK they are engineers… lol

You’re killin’ me smalls! I like your list of ‘components’. :smiley:

lol gotta rep my stuff :smiley:

you shouldnt need ANYTHING in your horns tool oil wll gum up the diaphragms and you dont want that… cause youll have to clean em then, and it wont sound right… antifreeze prolly wont hurt em but i wouldnt use anything because you dont want to rust out your tanks or anything like that.


anti freeze wont do poop to them… and u need something b/c i have froze mine up all the time i live in pa…and i put anti in mine all the time and it dont do poop…