Would this be o.k?

I want to get a kicker 15" L7 to put in my trunk. I’m worried about rattling the air tank and compressor. Really, my primary concern in the compressor. The speaker has a huge magnet, and also its going to be vibrating like crazy. Can it handle the intense vibration?


ya im sure… i can get u a 15 l7 if u want

Hey shoot me an e-mail w/ details. w/ box or w/o?



That’s a bigger/newer version of what I have. They’re great speakers! Do it up!

I have a L7 15 in my Accord with a KX850.2… I wouldn’t get a L7 15 if you’re going for any kind of decent SQ bass. It’s really only good for just being loud.

my comp and tank are on my sub box. the compressor already vibrates so what can a little more vibration do? :wink:

LOL…that was a funny video, that lil wigger with his hat all cocked sideways…lol…

Aw crap. I want it to be loud but I want it to hit clean too. Are you saying these don’t sound clean?

Aw crap. I want it to be loud but I want it to hit clean too. Are you saying these don’t sound clean?

Step up and get JL W7 Subs…

x2 never been a fan of kicker

my alpine type-e (skip to :30): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf015Xd3L8E

hah what a joke…

aplines are good so are kickers…but kickers are noob set ups unles u get the l series…

i have a 18 inch fi Q. with sundown amp

hah what a joke…

W7’s plain and simply ROCK!! End of discussion…

from another forum I visit… subs are like boobs. the good ones are round. I don’t think you want square boobs. :smiley:

DD gets my vote. with the right box, they hit hard and still sound clean. love your own. :rolleyes:

DD are bad donkey… here is my fi :

sold my ss rlp

Going in this:

(older pic)

Just got this sub in and am upgrading alot of things.


my amp:

hope vibration doesnt matter… i have 8 15 L7s that i think will vibrate it a little…

square subs have more surface area and move more air which makes it louder…

i bet im louder than your circle subs…!


So the other day I went out and bought a kicker 12" l5 comp. I also got a 550w kicker amp. The certified wattage of the amp is like 770. I used a cheater box but the sub isn’t hitting. When I plug in only one input to amp (like left only or right only) from the cheaterbox, itll hit, but only for a while. If I turn it up itll skip and only hit lightly every few seconds. WTF!!!

I hope that makes sense! :confused:

is the sub dual coil? is the amp 2 channel or mono? how are they wired?

eh dude my brother hooked it up for the most part. I need to take a video to show you guys. I mean I hooked up some subs before with a cheater box, but now its not working…I might take a vid tmrw.