Zip ties yes or no?

I just bought a shocker 240 kit and i am going to install it monday. I was just wandering if it is ok to use the real thick zip ties to mount the horns. I have a 2006 jeep wrangler and i dont think i have many options. please give me your suggestions. THANKS

zip ties are wonderful!

zip ties ftmfw lol yes they are very nice

fcuk yes :slight_smile: I like zip ties better, besides the security factor-if the horns are ever in any way of danger, zip ties give, bolts don’t. Leads to less broken horns :wink:

unless you hit or get hit by a car… lol:o

Just say no…to zip ties!



i used em onj mine

I have to agree with you on this…
Zip ties = cheesy installation work!

Fine for air lines and bundling power wires, but not for mounting horns…

I used them for my light plastic horns and solenoid… we’ll see how they hold up, I installed them yesterday

i would say dont use zip ties if at all possible. they look like poop like something you slapped together. use bolts and if the horns break you have a lifetime warrenty on them. and from the looks of some of the videos of abuse they take i dont think you will have any problems

band iron ftw

Rubber bands… haha

duct tape

hot glue gun it on

tie it on with rope

nahhhhh telephone cord will do the trick

EVERYONE - Step away from their respective crack pipes!!

lmao…how about pop rivets…lol

Chewing gum?